Welcome to the

Black Swamp Modelers!

Formed in November, 1999 by Ken Roshak and Mark McGovern, the Black Swamp Modelers is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the International Plastic Modelers Society.  The membership of the IPMS reflects the plastic modeling community as a whole.  That is, there is a greater interest in Aviation, Military Vehicles, Automotive, and Nautical subjects than there is in less "mainstream" models.  These would be the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Dinosaur genres, to name a few.


Any hobby outlet will bear these facts out; you'll find far more model kits of fighter planes, tanks, and cars than you will movie monsters or Sci-Fi spaceships.  So this SIG was organized to provide non-mainstream modelers with a place to display their work, keep up with the latest news on offerings in our areas of interest, and to share information that might help us build better models.


As voted by the members in June 1, 2009, there will be an annual dues of $15.00 per year for members who also belong to the IPMS and $20.00 for those who don't.  The dues offset the costs involved in maintaining the SIG, and enable it to extend its activities beyond this web site.  A full explanation of the dues structure and the benefits of membership can be found in the article, "About The Dues".  We invite you to have a look around, and maybe even contribute to the site.  Stop back often, as we'll be updating it regularly.

We can be contacted at: mcgovernsmodels@gmail.com